My remote testimony for CACR 32

Today I wrote in remotely to support CACR 32, an amendment to the New Hampshire state Constitution that, if passed by voters, “peaceably declares independence from the United States and immediately proceeds as a sovereign nation.” I have a lot to say about this legislation, but this time decided to keep my testimony brief. I will be writing more on the subject of NH independence, because I think it’s one of the most important initiatives we could support in the Free State and there is a lot to consider when thinking through the implementation details.

Dear honorable committee,

As a Manchester NH resident I am writing to urge you to support CACR 32 without amendment.

This bill does not ask you to support NH independence, simply to support putting the issue to a vote by the people of NH directly. I believe that it is time for the people of NH to seriously consider this question and have the opportunity to vote on it.

After seeing the federal government time and time again overstep its bounds, both in relation to the citizenry here in the U.S. and our neighbors abroad, and seeing Congress and the courts fail time and time again to rein in the federal government’s excessive and abusive practices, I believe the time for a peaceful separation is long overdue, and would be thrilled to see this question put to a vote by the people of NH.

Please support CACR 32 without amendment.

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